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Your Denture Choices

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Natura Dentures

Choosing a denture that looks like your own natural teeth will make a world of difference to you.

The Denture System allows wearers, young and old, to still look great and feel confident. People are often surprised how natural their dentures look, frequently allowing them to be worn without others knowing.

In 2004 Schottlander were honoured to receive the Queen's Award for their Enigma Cosmetic Teeth and Denture System.

Since 1922 Schottlander have been specialists in providing teeth and denture products that go into the making of cosmetic dentures.


These products are supplied to dental professionals internationally. Just because this our starting price option, it does not mean quality is compromised in any way.


Ivoclar Dentures

These natural looking Dentures made with SR Vivodent teeth. They will give you a good reason to smile.


Ivoclar teeth are composed of a double cross-linked material.


Toxicological examinations have confirmed the biocompatibility of this state-of-the-art resin.

These dentures look natural and realistic, ideal for partial denture wearers due to their colour matching properties.


Benefits include:

  • Matches existing Teeth

  • Wear resistance

  • Plaque resistance

  • Permanence of shade

  • High grinding resistance

  • Strong bond to denture base materials

  • Lifelike

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EnigmaLife Dentures

Our premium quality dentures; an enigmalife+ denture – designed for living.

enigmalife+ teeth have been designed to look and feel like your own teeth, so that you can regain your natural appearance and improve your ability to chew.


The back teeth have been designed to be especially hard wearing, to stay in place and provide you with an accurate and stable bite. They are designed for people who want the most lifelike and comfortable dentures so that they can get on with enjoying life. There is no reason for dentures to stop you doing so and no need for other people to know that you wear them. 

Benefits include:

  • Highly aesthetic

  • EnigmaLife+ teeth achieve a level of aesthetics never before achieved in a denture tooth.

  • The high strength and good wear characteristics of enigmalife+ teeth ensure a durable and longer lasting denture.

  • The combination of strength and beauty, in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours, mean that you can be confident that your dentures are an effective replacement for your natural teeth. enigmalife+ teeth have an enhanced character that captures and recreates this vitality, mimicking nature more closely than ever before. The internal tooth structures have been simulated, the surface characterisation provides natural light reflections and the teeth have the opalescence and fluorescence found in natural teeth.

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